BMW issues 2 recalls that could lead to automobile accidents

When consumers in Texas purchase a new vehicle, they are buying more than just the latest model filled with the newest features. They are also purchasing the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that their car or truck will get them where they wish to go safely and securely. When a vehicle manufacturer fails to provide the highest standards of safety in their automobiles, the result can be automobile accidents that lead to injury or even death.

Manufacturers respond to the discovery of potential safety concern by issuing product recalls. One such action has been undertaken by BMW. The company has issued two separate recalls for approximately 53,000 cars manufactured between 2005 and 2008.

The first recall is for 7,485 BMW 7-series which are believed to have a software problem that could lead drivers to believe that the vehicle’s doors are closed and locked. However, once in motion, the doors could unexpectedly open. This could cause an occupant to eject from the vehicle, or could lead to accidents that result from the sudden door opening. This recall is expected to begin in Nov. 2012.

The second recall involves as many as 45,500 BMW 7-series cars. In this case, problems with the electronic connection between the transmission and the gear shifter could cause the system to shift into neutral when a driver puts the car into park. As a result, the vehicle could roll away even after a driver has exited the car. This recall is also expected to begin in Nov. 2012, although the software that will solve the problem is not expected to be available until March of next year.

Texas consumers who own a BMW 7-series should check the company’s website to determine if their model is affected by this recall. Parties who are injured in automobile accidents due to this or a similar unsafe product should begin by determining their rights under the law. In many cases, a products liability or wrongful death lawsuit can help victims or their families recover damages associated with losses sustained during a crash or other incident.

Source:, “BMW hit with major safety recall of 745, 750 & 760 series vehicles,” James Nelson, Oct. 29, 2012