Are you in a brass knuckle legal battle? Then turn to us

It is a truism in civil law that most legal disputes will settle before a judge or jury renders a verdict. There are a number of reasons why this is so. Litigation can be expensive and time-consuming, invasive of your privacy, and mentally exhausting. Also, while settlements may lead to a more certain outcome, the results of going to trial are not always apparent at the outset.

So it is little wonder that many attorneys in personal injury matters can go into them with a “settlement mindset.” They are looking to make a deal on behalf of their clients, consider the chance of the matter actually going to trial to be remote, and therefore do not engage in thorough preparations for the possibility of litigation. There is nothing necessarily wrong with this approach: many small matters may lend themselves to a negotiated outcome and neither side of the dispute envisions or wants to spend more trying the matter then the disagreement itself is worth.

This is not always the case, however, and sometimes you may find yourself engaged in a personal injury legal contest that for some reason the other side shows little interest in negotiations or settlement, or your position and the other side’s are so far apart that there is little common ground between you upon which to form the basis of an agreed-upon resolution. If this is the situation you find yourself in, then you need a law firm that has a trial mindset. At Ted B Lyon and Associates, we are just such a law firm. 

Our approach to our clients’ matters is that we are Texas trial lawyers and are not afraid to litigate. While we are not averse to reaching settled resolutions that serve our clients’ best interests, our focus is on making sure that their legal complaint is thoroughly prepared to go to court based on the anticipation if not expectation that it will.

If you find yourself in a serious legal battle that shows little or no indications of settling, contact us. We will make sure that your case is as trial-ready as possible, and will vigorously represent your interests before and during the dictation