Triathlon statistics and brain injury; Texas residents concerned

People train extremely hard for triathlons. These races require both stamina and endurance from the participants. Even for the most experienced and most trained athletes may run into problems on the course though. Recently it was reported that in the past seven years, the swimming section of triathlons has led to serious injuries, including brain injury and death. Texas residents may find the statistics of these incidents somewhat concerning.

Recently a study of the triathlon events showed that there may be a connection between the swimming segment and the 44 deaths that have occurred during or just afterwards. Between 2007 and 2013 there have been 52 deaths total. 13 of these deaths have occurred within the past year alone. The triathlon events have safety requirements but are not actually staffed for enforcement of the requirements.

There was multiple personal injury claims filed against the organizers of the triathlons because there is no monitoring of the races. The claims alleged that negligence. In the reports it was said that it took rescuers 20 minutes to perform any life-saving procedures which resulted in the death of the participant. Sadly, when people are in a situation that does not have an adequate way of quickly responding to problems, brain injury can occur.

Just as the residents in Texas would possibly be confused and overwhelmed in these situations, the families of the victims that died or sustained brain injury during the triathlon events will probably have questions that they want answered. Filing claims for personal injury or wrongful death may at least provide compensation that can help with medical bills or funeral expenses. Regardless though, losing a loved one or having a loved one get seriously injured is not something that is easily dealt with.

Source:, Trouble Beneath The Surface, Bonnie D. Ford, Oct. 18, 2013