These Truck Parts Are the Most Likely to Be Defective

When you think of defective commercial truck parts, you probably think of things like tires or air brakes. Typically, failures of those parts get a lot of attention when they happen. Failures of obvious parts like these are far from the only failures that contribute to truck accidents, however. Several less well-known parts failures have been under investigation this year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

2020 NHTSA Investigations Into Truck Components

As of late summer, the NHTSA had at least five open investigations into possibly defective commercial trucking parts. The investigations include:

  • mDRIVE transmission failures
  • PNDB electrical power distribution systems
  • CNG fuel system faults
  • Loss of power steering
  • Vehicle roll-aways

You’ll notice that none of these investigations are about tires or air brakes.

Recalls Tell a Similar Story

The same NHTSA web page also provides monthly reports on recalls. A brief review of the open recalls shows similar issues—fuel systems, loss of steering and more. 

Why This Information Matters

The fact that some truck parts are defective shouldn’t be surprising; defects exist in all sorts of products around the world. This information about truck parts investigations and recalls shows us three things:

  • NHTSA investigations can take years: While many investigations were recently opened, some of them date back more than a decade, illustrating how complex these matters can be.
  • Companies don’t always fix problems quickly: Two companies, Navistar and Autocar, produced defective components and took almost three months to issue a recall notice.
  • The NHTSA doesn’t investigate all recalls: If a company discovers and fixes a defective part on its own, the NHTSA may never need to get involved.
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