The Far-Reaching Consequences of Serious Workplace Injuries for Employees

Workplace accidents such as slip-and-falls, chemical exposure and heavy equipment failure often result in serious injuries to employees. In Texas, employers are not required to maintain workers’ compensation insurance. As a result, the consequences of serious workplace injuries are far-reaching and sometimes last a lifetime.

What Could a Serious Injury Cost an Employee?

Serious injuries can result in serious medical bills. For example, the typical cost for an amputation due to injury can range from $20,000 to $60,000 including surgery, anesthesia and supplies. Additional costs include physical therapy or the addition of a prosthesis, which can cost from a few thousand dollars to more than $40,000. Without health insurance, these bills may be impossible to cover.

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The Far-Reaching Consequences of Serious Injuries Go Beyond Medical Bills

Beyond the medical bills is additional consequences that we often forget. For example, an employee may experience medical conditions such as PTSD due to their trauma that requires in-depth counseling. Or, they may be out of work in order to heal, resulting in loss of income.

If and when the employee does return to work, according to OSHA, they could lose approximately 15% of their earnings they could’ve expected to earn in the ten years following their injury. OSHA also states that workplace injuries also diminish self-confidence, increase stress between spouses, strain relations with family members and more.

How to Navigate a Serious Workplace Injury Without Workers’ Comp

How do employees who work for employers without workers’ comp manage these expenses and life changes? Employees have the option to file a lawsuit against their employer to receive the compensation they need to move forward.

If you suffer a workplace injury, notify your employer immediately. We also recommend reaching out to a professional workers’ comp attorney to ensure you take the next best legal step. As you undergo care, keep all of your medical records for the sake of your case.

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