Texas man severely injured in motorcycle accident

A 26-year old Texas motorcyclist is in critical condition after a head-on collision. The tragic motorcycle accident was reportedly caused by a 69-year-old driver suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The driver of the car was headed the wrong way when the incident occurred.

The motorcyclist was traveling eastbound on Loop 250 when a car headed westbound collided with him. The injured biker was transported to Midland Memorial Hospital for treatment of his injuries. The Midland’s information officer reported that he remained in critical condition.

The wrong way driver was reported missing the day before the accident. Although it has been confirmed the driver suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, he may be held responsible for his actions. Reports state he will be cited for going the wrong way and for driving an uninsured vehicle. There are no reports of any injuries he may have endured.

There was no formal statement as to why the man still had his driver’s license. It was also unclear why he would have access to keys to an automobile. Family members caring for loved ones with such a disease often have their hands full, no matter how caring and sensitive they may be. Nevertheless, it is even more unfortunate that lives were in harm’s way in this instance.

There are laws that protect those who suffer from personal injuries due to negligence or reckless driving. It is also within these victims’ rights to seek compensation for economic damages accrued. The motorcyclist and his family will need to prepare to make some very important decisions about how they will handle medical and legal obligations. In the mean time, they will likely look forward to further details to unfold about the motorcycle accident before they pursue those that may be held liable in the court of civil law in Texas.

Source: Mywesttexas.com,”Motorcyclist injured in Monday morning accident,” June 17, 2013