Product liability; when bad design or manufacture leads to injury

At some point almost everyone will have a disappointing experience with a product purchase; the temptation of some manufacturers and sellers to over-promise and under deliver is too great sometimes. This can lead to a consumer item that makes you wish you had never made that particular buying decision.

Occasionally, though, the consequences of a maker or seller cutting corners can result in more than just a case of buyer’s remorse, and can harm not just your wallet or purse but you, too. This is where the law of products liability becomes involved.

Product liability law recognizes that there are several ways that a defective product can cause harm, beginning with a bad design but also including defects in manufacturing. A poorly-designed fuel tank that can explode in an auto collision, a defective engine part that can cause a fire, or a faulty airbag that fails to deploy properly are some examples from the automobile industry alone.

However, products liability can and does cover many kinds of consumer products. If you suffer an injury from a defective product, there is a chance that product liability law may offer you a remedy.

While the concept of recovering damages for an injury caused by a badly designed or badly made product is simple, prevailing on such a claim can be complex. The law of products liability is a distinct form of personal injury law. It has multiple variations and requirements for a plaintiff to prove, and both manufacturers and sellers will have an incentive to deny responsibility. Settlement negotiations can be contentious, and a lawsuit can require extensive investigation and preparation before getting to trial.

This is not to say that you should shy away from a product liability claim if you have been injured by a dangerous product; but it is to say that your choice of a law firm to represent you in such an event can be an important decision for you to make. Our law firm has experience with representing clients in product liability cases, so one place to gain more information on the subject would be our web page.