FDA alerts parents to dangerous product for teething symptoms

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration was alerted to reports of serious reactions in small children after consuming a product marketed to relieve symptoms of teething. Several children and infants were said to have suffered seizures after using teething tablets or gels sold over the counter as homeopathic remedies. The FDA has warned parents in Texas and across the country to stop using the dangerous product and discard it immediately.

No over-the-counter medicines are recommended for children under six months of age. Even Tylenol is not considered safe until a child reaches six months, so parents often turn to homeopathic treatments for the pain and irritability teething causes. Since homeopathic remedies are not categorized as medicinal, the FDA and other government agencies do not regulate them for safety or efficacy.

The product currently under investigation is distributed by CVS pharmacy. CVS manufactures its own brand of homeopathic teething products, but it also sells several popular remedies by Hyland’s and Orajel. Although the FDA does not issue recalls, CVS has voluntarily removed the products from its shelves. Consumers in Texas should be aware, however, that other distributors may continue selling the teething remedies.

The alert about the teething gels and tablets is not new information. In 2010, a similar warning was issued for homeopathic teething remedies, and Hyland’s homeopathic products have been named in several consumer warnings by the FDA. Those whose children experience adverse reactions to the dangerous product would do well to contact an attorney to determine if they have sufficient cause for a claim against the product’s manufacturer.

Source: nymag.com, “FDA Warns Against Homeopathic Teething Medicines“, Laura June, Oct. 3, 2016