Dangerous children’s toys present a holiday hazard

The Winter holiday season has become inextricably linked with gift-giving, especially with parents giving gifts of toys for their children. Given modern-day consumer product safety laws and modern manufacturing methods, it can be tempting to believe that hazardous children’s toys are a thing of the past. This is, however, a dangerous temptation to adhere to.

It is an unfortunate fact that unsafe children’s toys remain on store shelves in Texas. Their presence can be traced to a number of contributing factors: poorly conceived designs that use small parts that pose choking hazards, otherwise safe products that are poorly manufactured, and products made with hazardous materials including dangerous chemicals. Sometimes these problems are the result of toy manufacturers trying to maximize profits by cutting corners; other times the problem in a seemingly safe item may not become apparent until after a child is injured.

Regardless of its origin, a defective product in the form of a child’s toy that results in serious injury or death raises questions of potential liability on the part of all those who designed, built and distributed the dangerous product.

Products liability law in Texas has been written precisely to hold negligent makers and sellers responsible to those they injure.

Raising a legal claim based on products liability can still be a challenge, even given the consumer-friendly intent of the law. In addition to complicated statutory language, there are also several defenses that those who place dangerous children’s toys into the stream of commerce can raise to thwart the possibility of recovering damages.

The Law Firm of Ted B. Lyon & Associates is experienced with bringing many kinds of legal claims based on injuries from unreasonably dangerous products.

We hope that this holiday season, you and your children will not run afoul of a hazardous item, but if you do, we have the legal knowledge and practical experience to see to it that your legal interests are given the respect and consideration that they deserve.

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