Children’s products can be defective and dangerous

It’s about that time of year when parents across the country are searching for the best toys to give their children for the holidays. Perhaps a mom is looking to buy some products for a new baby.

Simply put, it’s important to be an educated consumer. Unfortunately, product designers and manufacturers are not immune to creating faulty products that can severely injure children. A recent article discusses the top five dangerous recalled child products.

The products mentioned include the following:

  • cribs with moveable sides;
  • Maclaren strollers;
  • Nutek disposable baby wipes;
  • the Bumbo seat; and
  • BuckeyBalls.

Each one of these products can cause severe injury to children and possibly even death.

It’s obvious that defective products are an extreme concern, but companies also have another duty to the consumer. They have a responsibility to make the public aware of the dangers and offer an opportunity to exchange the product or provide a refund. One study determined that less than 10 percent of all recalled children’s products are ever returned.

In addition to relying on the companies to make significant efforts to right a wrong, parents have to keep an eye out. Parents should take a proactive approach on a regular basis to check the web for recalled products, whether they’ve experienced an issue or not. The article provides several websites that offer up-to-date lists of recalled children’s products.

If you, or one of your children, have been injured through the use of any product, it’s important to seek professional legal counseling to know how to best proceed. Manufacturers must be held responsible for faulty products and an experienced attorney in the Mesquite, Texas, area can help.

Source: CBS DFW, “Top 5 Dangerous Recalled Child Products,” Brian New, Oct. 28, 2014