Can I Sue if My Airbag Injured Me?

Airbags are meant to protect people from injuries, and while they accomplish that goal more often than not, there are incidents where an airbag actually causes an injury. The airbag might deploy in a defective way or fail to deploy at all, leading to serious harm. If this happened to you, a lawyer may be able to help you recover compensation.

What Can Go Wrong With an Airbag?

When they work correctly, airbags form a cushioned barrier between vehicle occupants and objects in the vehicle, such as the steering wheel, window glass or door frames. They’re supposed to deploy in about 0.03 seconds after an impact sensor is tripped. A canister connected to the bag releases chemicals to create the reaction that inflates the airbag.

Various things can go wrong when it comes time for an airbag to deploy, including:

  • Failure to deploy due to faulty sensors
  • Chemicals or gasses released from the airbag, causing respiratory issues
  • Shrapnel flying from the airbag’s propellant canister
  • In older vehicles, the airbag material could have deteriorated and made the airbag ineffective
  • Airbag inflates with too much force, even in low-speed collisions

Types of Injuries That Happen in Airbag Deployments

Whenever an airbag doesn’t work as intended, a variety of injuries can occur:

  • Facial fractures including broken nose and orbital bone fractures
  • Eye injuries that lead to temporary or permanent vision loss
  • Chemical burns to the face, neck or torso due to the propellants that inflate the airbag
  • Chest injuries due to impact with the airbag
  • Whiplash and other head and neck injuries
  • Death, especially if the occupant is a younger person or older person

Liability in Airbag Injury Cases

To get compensation for injuries caused by an airbag, your attorney will need to present evidence proving who was liable. There are few different possibilities as to who could be found liable, including:

  • Airbag manufacturer: The sensors, canister or other components may have been defectively designed or manufactured, making the manufacturer potentially liable in a product liability lawsuit.
  • Vehicle manufacturer: If a vehicle maker knew or should have known about defective airbags and didn’t warn the public or issue a recall, they could be liable for your injuries.
  • Mechanic who inspected the airbag: Occasionally a mechanic or maintenance crew might give a cursory inspection of an airbag and sign off that it’s in good condition when it really isn’t, and they could be potentially liable in that situation.

Call a Texas Attorney to Learn Your Rights

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