Belay device for climbers considered dangerous product

Climbing enthusiasts in Texas may be affected by a recent product recall of belay devices. Trango Extraordinary Climbing manufactured the particular belay device being recalled. The device is considered a dangerous product because its lowering handles have the potential to malfunction.

So far, Trango, which issued the voluntary recall, has received at least two reports on the malfunctioning devices. The product is deemed dangerous because if a user of the product exerts too much downward force on the device’s handle, the handle might over-rotate and keep the device’s front plate from being able to move. This will ultimately impair the product’s assisted-braking capacity, which means the user’s chance of falling uncontrollably is high.

Injuries have not yet been reported in connection with the problematic belay devices. These devices were marketed after October of 2016. Customers are encouraged to return their products to Trango for complementary replacements. The replacements feature modified handles and redesigned handle attachment points.

Companies are naturally expected to generate products whose safety has been tested before they arrive on store shelves. However, sometimes manufacturers miss important defects, which may end up causing consumers injuries. Customers in the state of Texas who suffer harm due to the use of defective products have the right to file product liability claims in an effort to hold the product manufacturers accountable for their actions. A suit that is fought victoriously may lead to monetary damages, which may be helpful for covering medical costs and other losses tied to the use of a dangerous product.

Source:, “Trango Recalls New Vergo Belay Device“, April 17, 2017