Dallas County had the second highest number of pedestrian deaths in the state of Texas in 2013.

According to the 2013 records from the National Highway Traffic Safety, pedestrians face serious risks in Texas. Throughout the state, 480 pedestrians lost their lives in auto accidents. Harris County experienced the most pedestrian deaths with 93 people on foot being killed in these accidents.

Dallas County had the next highest fatality count with 49. Those 49 pedestrian deaths represented a large percentage of the county’s total 223 vehicular fatalities.

Current accidents show the risk continues

The problems facing pedestrians in Texas were not specific to the year 2013. Residents continue to struggle to be safe when sharing the road with motor vehicles. Some serious pedestrian accidents that have happened this year include:

  • A 61-year old Parkland Hospital nurse died after being hit by a private shuttle bus not far from the hospital. The CBS DFW story indicated that a second hospital employee was also injured but survived the crash.
  • A Texas Woman’s University student was taken to Denton Regional Medical Center after being hit on Bell Avenue in Denton. The woman died at the hospital and the driver had not been found according to NBCDFW.com
  • A man tried unsuccessfully to get away in a hit-and-run accident that left a 55-year old pedestrian dead. WFAA.com reported that the 22-year old man dumped the dead body and vehicle together near the location of the crash and was caught as he fled. He was charged with a felony count of accident involving death.
  • A drunk driver claimed the life of a 34-year old woman according to the Dallas Morning News. The victim was outside of her vehicle when the 23-year old intoxicated driver rammed into her parked car. The impact threw her into a nearby pole. She was pronounced dead at Parkland Memorial Hospital. The driver was charged with intoxication manslaughter.
  • Another driver also attempted to flee a fatal hit-and-run accident but was apprehended thanks to the help of witnesses. The WFAA.com report noted that the accident occurred on a Sunday morning in Lake Highlands. After being hit, the pedestrian was drug by the vehicle before the driver parked the car and ran.

Another college student was killed by a hit-and-run driver near the Dallas Area Rapid Transit station by North Central Expressway according to CBS DFW. These stories make it clear that pedestrians face serious challenges in Texas.

Options for victims

People who have been injured in pedestrian accidents or who have lost relatives in pedestrian accidents should be prepared to seek compensation. Talking to an attorney is an important part of this process.

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