Back-Pay and Overtime Wage Claims

Have you put in overtime with your employer, only to receive the incorrect compensation? Has your employer failed to pay you what you deserve? Have you asked your employer questions regarding your wages, only to be ignored? It can be difficult to put in so much time, only to be treated unfairly.
At Ted B. Lyon & Associates, we believe in holding employers responsible for illegal actions involving wages and overtime. Employers can fail to meet their obligations whether on purpose or by simple oversight. Whatever the case, we are here to help you get back what is rightfully yours with the counsel that you deserve.

Proven Experience & Approach

Experience and approach matters when it comes to wage and overtime lawsuits. We understand that we are dealing with the potential livelihood of your family and we take your case very seriously, seeking the best outcome for you.
We are recognized for our high-quality work and advocacy for our clients. All our attorneys have extensive trial experience and work hard to preserve the rights of our clients. If a settlement cannot be made between you and your employer, we have the experience necessary to take it to court. We take our time to compile pertinent evidence and all the information required to reach the outcome you deserve.

By Your Side From Start to Finish

From start to finish, you have access to a dedicated attorney, working diligently to protect your rights. We know that no single trial or case is the same as the next, so we personalize our representation to fit your unique needs. We return your phone calls, answer your questions and always keep you updated on the progress of your case.

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