Samsung recalls another defective product after reported injuries

The beleaguered Samsung Corporation is facing yet another disaster. After dealing with reports that its top model cell phones were exploding and catching fire, Samsung issued a massive recall and lost millions replacing the defective product. Just as that story began to fade from headlines, another Samsung product is allegedly putting people at risk, including a woman in Texas.

Although she escaped injury, the woman has a hole in the wall of her garage from parts of her washing machine that exploded during the spin cycle. The woman was one of more than 700 customers who recently contacted Samsung to complain of exploding washing machines. So far, nine people have reported injuries ranging from shoulder damage to broken jaws.

The machines in question were purchased over the past five years at retail appliance stores like Home Depot and Best Buy. Consumers paid between $450 and $1,500 for the washers. Samsung has recalled 2.8 million top-loading machines. Anyone who purchased a washer 30 days prior to the recall will receive a full refund. Other customers will be offered a rebate toward a new machine or an in-home repair at no charge.

This latest series of incidents may further mar the Samsung image. Nevertheless, customers who have been injured by the malfunctioning machines — or by any defective product — still have the right to seek damages. In fact, people in Texas are fortunate to have dedicated attorneys who fight for that right. By seeking possible compensation for injuries, consumers not only hope for reparation for their suffering, but they typically strive to hold companies accountable for their faulty products.

Source:, “Samsung Washing Machine Recall 2016: Full List Of Models Affected, How To Get A Refund“, Cortney Drakeford, Nov. 8, 2016