Samsung appliance declared a dangerous product after injuring 9

Many, if not most homes in Texas and across the United States contain a washing machine. How frustrating would it be, though, to have paid for such an expensive home appliance and then not be able to use it? This is the issue that many consumers of a Samsung washing machine are now facing, afraid to use the dangerous product despite the company’s promise to repair it.

Almost three million washing machines were recalled by Samsung in November 2016 after reports that the appliance was shaking so violently that some exploded. So far, a total of nine injuries have been reported, including one incident of a broken jaw. One mother of three has a washing machine in her home but cannot use it to do her laundry, for fear it might hurt her children.

Angry and worried owners of the washing machines complain that Samsung has stuck them with a potentially dangerous appliance and they have nowhere to turn. Despite Samsung’s vow to fix the appliances and claims of an average phone wait time of only 20 seconds when calling about the recall, many consumers are alleging otherwise. One complaint claimed numerous phone calls to the company with no response.

The machines have even been referred to as a “ticking time bomb” that is sitting in people’s homes and could “go off on the very next load,” injuring someone at any time. A class action lawsuit against the company has even been proposed. If anyone in Texas has been injured by their Samsung washing machine while waiting for a repair, they may want to consider contacting an attorney. A lawyer with experience in product liability cases could offer legal counsel to anyone who has been hurt by these devices or any other dangerous product.

Source:, “Consumers: Samsung washers still potentially dangerous after ‘fix’“, Jeff Rossen and Anneke Foster, Jan. 12, 2017