Dangerous product: Lip balm caused everything but smooth lips

Advertising is a powerful tool to get a new product on the market, and consumers are often tempted by the various tactics used by the marketing departments of manufacturers. A class action lawsuit was recently filed against EOS — a lip balm manufacturer — alleging the lip balm it claims to be healthy and healing is actually a dangerous product. The lawsuit says thousands of consumers nationwide, possibly also some in Texas, may have suffered adverse effects after using EOS lip balm.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff applied the lip balm immediately after purchasing it, but instead of the sensational smooth lips that were promised on the packaging material, her lips felt like sandpaper. Therefore, she applied more lip balm to achieve the smooth effect, but claims her lips became flaky, and the cracks started bleeding. She further alleges that she had to seek medical care when the skin surrounding her mouth developed a rash and started blistering. She contends that she endured the condition for approximately 10 days.

Details of other consumers who claim to have had similar adverse complications are included in the court documents. The company is accused of failure to provide warnings on the packaging and the website that would inform consumers of the potential health risks. The plaintiff demands corrective advertising and seeks damages of an unknown amount.

Texas individuals who have suffered adverse medical consequences after being misled by an advertisement of a dangerous product have the right to retain the services of a product liability attorney to assist with pursuing financial relief for damages sustained. After assessing the circumstances and the damages caused, an experienced attorney can file a lawsuit against those deemed responsible. The manufacturer, marketer, distributor and other entities responsible for bringing the product to consumers may be named as defendants.

Source: consumerist.com, “Makers Of EOS Lip Balm Facing Class-Action Lawsuit Claiming Product Gives Customers Rashes, Blisters“, Mary Beth Quirk, Jan. 14, 2016