Bus Accident Lawyer

When people use busses or share the street with them, they are forced to trust that the bus is properly maintained and operated by an experienced, competent driver. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Bus accidents are fairly common on Texas roads, and negligent maintenance or operation of the bus is often to blame.

At Ted B. Lyon & Associates a Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas, injury law firm, we represent people who have been hurt in bus accidents. Our experienced bus accident lawyer also represent the surviving families of people who have been killed.
We handle cases involving:

  • DART busses
  • School busses
  • Privately owned and operated transit busses, including Greyhound bus and Megabus
  • Party busses
  • Shuttle buses, or shuttle vans

Bus Accident Cases Are Challenging, But We Are Well Prepared

Bus accident cases can be some of the most challenging that lawyers experience because of the multiple parties involved. A lawsuit might name the bus driver and bus company, as well as the manufacturer of an allegedly defective bus part. Each of these parties may try to blame the others for the accident. It is up to the attorney on the case to present evidence and effectively advocate for you so as to hold the right parties accountable.

This is not an easy job. Extensive preparation is often involved, and it may be necessary to bring in experts to review the accident scene, the vehicles themselves and other critical data. Fortunately, we are well prepared with the resources to effectively handle these complex cases.

Over the last four decades, attorneys at our firm have distinguished themselves in the legal profession. We have won many awards, are respected by our peers and often receive new clients by referral from satisfied past clients.

If a Bus Accident Has Changed Your Life, Call Us

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