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Drowning in park raises liability issues for city near Mesquite

A tragedy happened recently near Mesquite, Texas, when a child drowned in a pond adjacent to a park. The father of the child momentarily turned his attention away from his daughter. She discovered a path that led to the pond, which is up to eight feet deep in places.

Woman killed in fatal car accident in Dallas

All drivers in Texas have a legal duty to do everything possible to operate their vehicles safely on the road. This means, among other responsibilities, maintaining attention to the traffic conditions ahead, and reacting accordingly. Unfortunately, serious rear-end accidents are often caused by a driver's failure to maintain such attention.

Hurst, Texas, homeowner is victim of 9th car crash

For most people, being the victim of a car crash even one time in life can be extremely traumatic. One time is enough to make a person hope that it never happens again. But for one Dallas area man, being a car accident victim seems to be a somewhat regular occurrence, despite the man not being on the road for any of them.

Truck accident in Texas leaves 1 man dead; 1 woman in a hospital

A large SUV and a pickup truck were involved in a head-on collision that sadly took the life of one of the drivers. Although police have not determined who was at fault for the truck accident, the accident did apparently occur at high speeds. Texas police assume that alcohol and drugs are not contributing factors.

Texas woman sues allegedly negligent parties in son's death

Everyone knows that accidents happen. However, some accidents result in a death that may never have occurred if not for the negligence of someone else. Texas law provides for the surviving family of such a victim to file a wrongful death claim against the apparently negligent parties for the chance to recover financial damages sustained as a result of their family member's death.

Deaths result from Texas automobile accidents

If someone is killed in a Texas car accident, his or her family members are flooded with emotions ranging from disbelief to grief. They can also be angry if the cause of the accident remains a mystery and seems to be senseless. In such automobile accidents, the family of the individual who was killed can rightfully pursue monetary damages in an effort to ease pain and suffering; this can be done even if the person who caused the crash died in the accident.

Assistant texas fire chief injured in motorcycle accident

Riding a motorcycle is much more than just a means of transportation to a lot of individuals. It can represent a lifestyle that allows people to develop strong personal bonds with others that they may otherwise have never known. Motorcyclists are at a greater risk of injury than other motor vehicle operators due to being more openly exposed to the surrounding environment. Recently, a motorcycle accident in Texas sent an assistant fire chief to the hospital with multiple injuries.

Texas family could seek wrongful death in accident

When people are traveling on the roads in Texas, hardly anyone gives a thought that it could be the last thing that they do. One family though, may decide to seek a wrongful death suit against a driver that may have been responsible in the death of their loved one. A late night drive for two men has ended in the death of one and a hospital stay for another.

Family settles in Texas boy's brain injury case, DWI-related

Applebee's has settled a civil lawsuit brought by a Texas family whose son suffered a brain injury in a car accident. The crash was reportedly caused by a drunk driver who had been a patron of an Applebee's in Mansfield, Texas. The lawsuit alleged -- with receipts backing up the claim -- that the establishment had served the patron over 20 drinks in less than a two-hour time span. At the time of the accident that caused the boy's brain injury, the driver's blood-alcohol content was shown to be more than triple the legal limit of .08 percent.


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