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Auto accident in Texas on wet pavement kills 2 drivers

Negligence behind the wheel of a car can manifest itself in different ways. Any instance of driver negligence will involve a failure to observe a reasonable standard of care under the circumstances as they existed at the time of an accident.

Ways to avoid a drunk driving accident during a holiday

Any nationally-recognized holiday is a time for celebration throughout the United States. In order to participate in all of the related activities for the particular event, Americans regularly flood the roads with their vehicles in ever increasing numbers so they can travel and see family and friends. But with the increased traffic on the roads and drivers leaving parties that regularly offer alcohol, a situation is created where holidays also become among the deadliest of days for motorists.

Hurst, Texas, homeowner is victim of 9th car crash

For most people, being the victim of a car crash even one time in life can be extremely traumatic. One time is enough to make a person hope that it never happens again. But for one Dallas area man, being a car accident victim seems to be a somewhat regular occurrence, despite the man not being on the road for any of them.

Wrongful death suit possible in Cowboys DUI death

Texas residents can hardly have avoided the recent media coverage of the death of a player for the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Brown, 25 years of age, lost his life in a car accident in the early morning hours of a recent Saturday. The crash occurred just hours before the team boarded a plane for their scheduled Sunday game. The loss has been felt throughout the country as his life and death have become the focus of intense media coverage. A criminal trial seems likely, and a wrongful death suit could very well be on the horizon.

Wrongful death suit may follow criminal charges against driver

While driving, Texas residents are constantly scanning the road for the presence of hazards that could lead to an accident. Debris in the roadway, the presence of pedestrians, other traffic in nearby lanes, all of these conditions factor into a driver's choices while driving. In some situations, however, circumstances occur that are outside of the norm, and pose a unique challenge to a driver. Recent criminal charges against one driver give an excellent example of such a scenario, and could lead to an eventual wrongful death suit.

Texas motorcycle accidents: Truck rears ends, kills biker

All drivers know that there are ever-present hazards on the American roadways. Most take continuous precautions to ensure that they are operating their vehicles in as safe a manner as possible. Many also take care to drive defensively to lessen the chances of an accident caused by the actions of other drivers. However, drivers of enclosed vehicles experience a different level of risk than motorcyclists. Riders involved in Texas motorcycle accidents face far greater odds of being severely injured or killed in crashes than the drivers of cars or trucks.

Texas family sues driver and nightclub for wrongful death

When celebrating at a drinking establishment, people should take care to drink responsibly. If they do become intoxicated, they need to find a taxi or other means home, since driving drunk can result in serious injury or even a loss of life. In such event, the offending driver may be confronted with a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Unfortunately, this is what happened to a customer at a nightclub in Texas, who is alleged to have become intoxicated. When the man drove him, he was involved in an accident that killed one man and injured four others.

Texas car accident kills child

An early afternoon car accident has taken the life of one child and sent four others to the hospital. According to Texas police, the automobile accident occurred around 3:45 p.m. Police have stated that at that time, a minivan, which was attempting to pass through Highway 46, was struck on the side by another vehicle.


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