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Fatal crash leads to criminal charges: Wrongful death claim next?

When an individual makes the decision to drink and drive, he or she sets off a chain of events. In many cases, the driver will make it to their destination safely, and the story will end there. In other instances, however, that decision will lead to an accident and will affect multiple lives, including that of the driver. A recent drunk driving crash in Texas has ended the life of one woman; the driver is now in the early stages of a criminal proceeding. In addition to the criminal ramifications of his actions, he may also face a wrongful death suit brought by the family of the victim.

Wrongful death suit possible in Cowboys DUI death

Texas residents can hardly have avoided the recent media coverage of the death of a player for the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Brown, 25 years of age, lost his life in a car accident in the early morning hours of a recent Saturday. The crash occurred just hours before the team boarded a plane for their scheduled Sunday game. The loss has been felt throughout the country as his life and death have become the focus of intense media coverage. A criminal trial seems likely, and a wrongful death suit could very well be on the horizon.

Car accident fatality rate continues to fall

Last year, more than 32,000 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents in the United States. This number is significant for several reasons. It is a decline from the 2010 car accident fatality rate, and marks a more than 25 percent drop from the rate in 2005. It also marked the lowest fatality rate in more than six decades.

Fatal Texas car crash ends the life of a talented musician

Any automobile fatality is a tragic event for the friends and family of the individuals killed in the incident. However, some accidents have effects that reach a larger community. The recent death of a promising musician in a Texas car crash has left many mourning not only the loss of a man, but the loss of his talent and potential.

Commercial vehicle accidents affect multiple families

When a family loses a loved one, the grief process can take many forms and can last for months and even years following the death. It can be argued that the holidays are a particularly rough time of year to suffer an unexpected loss. Sadly, one family is now beginning the grieving process as they struggle to come to terms with a fatal crash that left one dead and others injured. The crash involved a shuttle bus for a Texas Medical Center, and is an example of the devastation that commercial vehicle accidents can bring.

Arrest made in fatal Texas crash; wrongful death suit may follow

Like baseball -- the Great American Pastime -- automobile travel has become a deeply ingrained part of American culture. It is not only our primary source of transportation, but also serves as a symbol of independence and a rite of passage among adolescents. However, there is no denying that driving can be extremely dangerous. A recent three-vehicle crash serves as a reminder of the hazards of road travel, and it isn't difficult to imagine that a wrongful death lawsuit could be filed against the driver believed to be responsible for the Texas crash.

2 fatal wrong-way collisions in 48 hours on Texas interstate

Recently, one stretch of interstate in Texas saw two fatal wrong-way crashes within a 48-hour period. A state trooper with over 10 years of experience told reporters that he has never seen two fatal wrong-way accidents in such a short period of time. He went on to say that any wrong-way crash is tragic because this type of accident is preventable, given the clear presence of road signs.

5 killed in head-on I-20 crash in Mesquite

A recent head-on collision in Mesquite has taken the lives of a 27-year-old Texas woman, her three young children and a 70-year-old man. According to authorities, the mother was headed eastbound in the westbound lanes of Interstate 20 with her children -- ages 10 months, 3 and 5 -- when her pickup truck collided with an SUV head-on.


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