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Drowning in park raises liability issues for city near Mesquite

A tragedy happened recently near Mesquite, Texas, when a child drowned in a pond adjacent to a park. The father of the child momentarily turned his attention away from his daughter. She discovered a path that led to the pond, which is up to eight feet deep in places.

Texas car crash claims the life of third victim

Various musicians gathered for a popular music festival recently in Texas. Expecting fun and entertainment, many people congregated in the closed off streets to watch the performers. An otherwise pleasant evening quickly came to an end after an allegedly drunk driver caused a car crash that claimed the life of multiple victims and injured several others.

Traumatic Texas car accident leaves 5 teens hospitalized

Being a teenager is the time where many things begin to come together and one begins to learn the responsibilities of being an adult. Things happen that allow life lessons to mold and shape a young person into their adulthood. A lesson about the responsibilities of operating a vehicle recently presented itself to a few local Texas teenagers in the form of a car accident.

Teenager dead, another injured after Texas car crash

Icy road conditions are relatively uncommon here in Texas, so driving during winter weather can be especially treacherous. Even those who exercise extreme care can still find themselves in an accident. Sadly, icy roads appear to be a factor in a horrific car crash that killed a popular high school student in Justin recently. Her friend sustained serious injuries. In the aftermath of the tragedy, classmates, teachers and the community have rallied to show their support for the deceased girl, her family and the injured teen.

Texas car accident leads to man filing personal injury lawsuit

Being injured in any manner can be traumatic or hard to handle, both emotionally or financially. The reason people pay for insurance policies on their vehicles in Texas is so that -- when a car accident occurs -- they do not have to pay out of pocket for the damages or medical payments. But what happens when insurance doesn't pay when a claim is filed?

Texas family gets compensation for wrongful death of a loved one

Most people go to work to make money to support themselves and their family. No one goes to work thinking that they will be killed during their workday, but sometimes things happen and lives are lost to negligence or carelessness while working. A family in Texas was recently given compensation in a lawsuit claiming the wrongful death of their loved one.

Texas woman sues allegedly negligent parties in son's death

Everyone knows that accidents happen. However, some accidents result in a death that may never have occurred if not for the negligence of someone else. Texas law provides for the surviving family of such a victim to file a wrongful death claim against the apparently negligent parties for the chance to recover financial damages sustained as a result of their family member's death.

Deaths result from Texas automobile accidents

If someone is killed in a Texas car accident, his or her family members are flooded with emotions ranging from disbelief to grief. They can also be angry if the cause of the accident remains a mystery and seems to be senseless. In such automobile accidents, the family of the individual who was killed can rightfully pursue monetary damages in an effort to ease pain and suffering; this can be done even if the person who caused the crash died in the accident.

Assistant texas fire chief injured in motorcycle accident

Riding a motorcycle is much more than just a means of transportation to a lot of individuals. It can represent a lifestyle that allows people to develop strong personal bonds with others that they may otherwise have never known. Motorcyclists are at a greater risk of injury than other motor vehicle operators due to being more openly exposed to the surrounding environment. Recently, a motorcycle accident in Texas sent an assistant fire chief to the hospital with multiple injuries.

Texas car accident: SUV driven by boy, 14, hits mom, young child

The early reports of a pedestrian accident in Corpus Christi appear to raise a number of legal issues. Texas authorities initially reported that an SUV struck a woman and her child, said to be just a 4-year-old. The frightening pedestrian versus car accident apparently occurred in a parking lot of a convenience store.


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