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Drowning in park raises liability issues for city near Mesquite

A tragedy happened recently near Mesquite, Texas, when a child drowned in a pond adjacent to a park. The father of the child momentarily turned his attention away from his daughter. She discovered a path that led to the pond, which is up to eight feet deep in places.

Woman killed in fatal car accident in Dallas

All drivers in Texas have a legal duty to do everything possible to operate their vehicles safely on the road. This means, among other responsibilities, maintaining attention to the traffic conditions ahead, and reacting accordingly. Unfortunately, serious rear-end accidents are often caused by a driver's failure to maintain such attention.

Fatality numbers may rise as GM revises defective product data

Some might say that the news for General Motors just keeps getting worse. But in reality those getting the bad news are consumers who purchased GM vehicles with an automobile design defect. The defect, in the form of a faulty ignition, has reportedly led to the deaths of 13 people. 

Texas teen paralyzed in 'affluenza' crash settles for $2 million

One night last June, a North Texas teenager’s life was destroyed after he got in the back of a pickup truck driven by another teen who had been drinking. In a matter of seconds, the passenger’s life changed dramatically.

Drunk driver hits 4 people outside Plano bar, leaves scene

One of the most dangerous things a driver can do is get behind the wheel of a car after drinking too much. We all know that intoxication can slow a person's reaction time, cause blurred vision and lead to poor decision-making. All of these things can lead to a serious car accident. Unfortunately, many people in Texas still choose to drink and drive. 

Texas car crash claims the life of third victim

Various musicians gathered for a popular music festival recently in Texas. Expecting fun and entertainment, many people congregated in the closed off streets to watch the performers. An otherwise pleasant evening quickly came to an end after an allegedly drunk driver caused a car crash that claimed the life of multiple victims and injured several others.

Teenager dead, another injured after Texas car crash

Icy road conditions are relatively uncommon here in Texas, so driving during winter weather can be especially treacherous. Even those who exercise extreme care can still find themselves in an accident. Sadly, icy roads appear to be a factor in a horrific car crash that killed a popular high school student in Justin recently. Her friend sustained serious injuries. In the aftermath of the tragedy, classmates, teachers and the community have rallied to show their support for the deceased girl, her family and the injured teen.

Texas students should be aware of possible emotional trauma

Cell phones are widely popular and used daily by a large percentage of the nation. Everyone from middle school students to elderly adults in Texas are getting cell phones to keep in contact with loved ones and friends. But what happens when a cell phone causes severe pain and emotional trauma?

Negligent parties sued for injuries caused in a Texas car crash

Operating a vehicle is a very large responsibility for every single driver. Not only is it an obligation to drive safely in order to keep oneself from getting injured, but it is also to keep from injuring or killing others on the road. In Texas, negligent parties who are determined to be the cause of driving-related injuries or deaths can be sued for compensation after the accident.

Texas car accident leads to man filing personal injury lawsuit

Being injured in any manner can be traumatic or hard to handle, both emotionally or financially. The reason people pay for insurance policies on their vehicles in Texas is so that -- when a car accident occurs -- they do not have to pay out of pocket for the damages or medical payments. But what happens when insurance doesn't pay when a claim is filed?


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