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Fatal car crash kills woman; wrong-way driver arrested for DUI

A car accident in Dallas can lead to significant injuries and fatalities. When there is a crash, those who were affected should be aware of the possibility that it was due to a driver who was under the influence, operated their vehicle recklessly, displayed negligence or behaved in a way that placed others in danger. With a fatal car crash, the number of issues will multiply when compared to what happens when there are injuries. Those who were affected should know the steps to take to file a wrongful death lawsuit to receive compensation.

Increase fatal accident statistics on the road show

Car accidents are a concern for everyone on the road in Texas and throughout the U.S. Statistics are useful in knowing what and who to watch for when driving, riding a bicycle, jogging, or as a pedestrian. The number of crashes is relevant, but the perceived causes of these accidents is also vital. It is unfortunate that many accidents will result in a fatality. For those who have suffered the loss of a loved one in a fatal car crash, having a grasp of the research can be important when considering seeking compensation through a legal filing.

Railroad employee dies after being hit by train in Texas

Railroad employees might not think about the dangers they face on the job, but those dangers are a constantly looming. Even the most conscientious workers in the safest workplace can fall victim to an accident. Given the vehicles that are on the site and the size of the equipment used, an accident can quickly result in a fatality. When there is a fatal workplace accident on the railroad, the family left behind will have a great deal to consider. This is when they should protect themselves by discussing a wrongful death case with an attorney.

Construction worker dies in fatal workplace accident

Construction and the building trades are major sources of employment in Texas. Workers who are employed in these jobs take great pride in their work and understand the dangers they face when doing it. There is heavy equipment, a great deal of movement, the need for coordination and everyone must pay attention to make certain that all are completely safe. With any construction work whether it is on a high-rise building and well up into the sky or on the ground, there is always a chance that a fatal accident will happen. Families who have lost a loved one in a fatal workplace accident should know what they must do in the aftermath to seek compensation in a wrongful death case.

Rear-end fatal car crash kills police officer, injures 2 others

Texas law enforcement officers are aware of the dangers they face when they are on the job. There are risks inherent with the work they do and they understand and accept that. However, there are times when they can be confronted with the same basic problems that all people face such as a fatal car crash when out on the road. Although it can be difficult, if there is a fatal accident, those who are dealing with the aftermath of the loss of a loved one should be cognizant of the steps to take to file a wrongful death legal filing.

Percentage of older Americans dying in workplace accidents grows

For many Texans, the decision to continue working even as they approach ages at which it is reasonable to retire or cut back on hours can be made for many reasons, personal and financial. However, workplace accidents can happen to anyone and research indicates that a growing number of older workers are suffering a fatal workplace accident when compared to the population at large. Those who have suffered the loss of a loved one in a fatal accident at work should be cognizant of these statistics as the cause of the fatal accident is determined.

Fatal accident claims 2 lives

A woman who was said to be 19 years old recently lost her life in a tragic Texas pedestrian accident, leaving her family to question how such a young woman could be gone so soon. According to police, she was killed while in the process of trying to help a man who had just gotten into an accident. This man also died at the scene. The fatal accident took place along Interstate 20.

What the court considers in a wrongful death claim

Someone close to you, perhaps your parent or child, died as a result of someone's negligence. Among other steps, you may be wondering about the viability of filing a wrongful death claim. The first thing to know is that time is an issue. For example, the statute of limitations to file is two years.

Fatal car accident kills wife of former Texas Commissioner

A two-vehicle crash occurred on the night of Wednesday, April 5 just before 11 p.m. near Los Fresnos. The fatal car accident claimed the life of the wife of former Texas Health and Human Services Commissioner Chris Traylor. The 53-year-old woman, Laura Lee Traylor, was from Austin.

Fatal accident in Texas claims 2 lives, injures several

A multi-vehicle crash that occurred on March 6 shut down Highway 380 in Texas for over six hours. The fatal accident killed two people and injured several others. Preliminary information indicates that troopers responded to the scene of the crash at around 2:16 p.m. that Monday afternoon to offer assistance and begin their investigation.


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