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Survey: calls from work can lead to being a distracted driver

Texans who are in a car crash should be cognizant of the variety of reasons that could have been the cause. Because a car accident can lead to significant medical expenses, lost time at work, major issues for the injured person and his or her family, it is vital to understand the cause of the accident. For example, some accidents come about because of a driver who was under the influence. It can also happen because a driver was distracted. There are numerous ways in which a driver can be distracted with the litany of devices and items that are available. As recent studies have shown, other combinations of aspects can contribute to being a distracted driver.

Rear-end car crash kills woman, other driver flees

Texas drivers might take all the necessary precautions to make certain they are safe and still be involved in a car crash. What can make these car accidents worse is if one of the people involved decides to flee the scene before checking to see if the other driver and passengers are safe, administering aid and calling for help if necessary. When there is a car accident, the car accident victim and his or her family must be fully aware of the importance of having legal protection to consider filing a lawsuit for compensation, especially if it was a hit and run.

Woman dies in car crash with alleged drunk driver

It is an unfortunate reality that Texans who obey road rules and operating their vehicles safely can be injured or lose their lives in a car crash. All it takes is another driver choosing to get behind the wheel while under the influence, to drive while distracted, drive recklessly or commit any other risky acts to lead to car accidents with injuries and fatalities. After an accident, those who were affected should keep their options open to consider a legal filing to receive compensation for all they have lost.

"Infotainment" increases chances of being a distracted driver

Texans are aware of distracted drivers and the damage they can cause. Recently, new laws and enforcement have been part of the process of trying to reduce texting and driving and taking part in other distracting behaviors, mostly with smartphones. However, a new issue has been discussed as leading to a distracted driver: technology built in with late-model vehicles. AAA conducted a study regarding this issue, and it is important.

Study places Texas at top of texting and driving near schools

Parents expect the areas near their child's school to be safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. A recent study has shown that children are at high risk of encountering a distracted driver. This information can be important, if there is a car accident and evidence is needed to file a legal claim to be compensated.

New Texas law seeks to reduce car accidents due to distractions

For a long time, Texas lawmakers and law enforcement were ambivalent about how to handle a distracted driver, texting and driving and other behaviors related to this. With the number of accidents that occur because of a driver not paying attention to the road and the injuries and fatalities that accompany them, a decision was made to make it illegal to text and drive. A new law went into effect on September 1 giving officers the authority to stop drivers who are using their smartphones and fine them $99 for a first offense and $200 for a second offense.

Researchers analyze distracted driver behaviors and risk

Distracted driving is a prevalent problem in Texas and throughout the nation, so much so that more and more state and local governments are legislating against it. Although penalties are being assessed and people are discouraged from being a distracted driver, it is still going to happen. With that will come car crashes, injuries and fatalities. A key part of being compensated after a car accident is the evidence as to how and why it happened. If texting and driving and other distracting behaviors were a cause, this can be important to the case. Research is ongoing regarding distracted driving and yielding interesting results.

More full size cars receiving top IIHS designations

For the past few years, two things have arguably drawn car buyers to specific models: crashworthiness designs and crash avoidance systems. Indeed, crash avoidance systems may not be available on every model, but the importance of having a car designed to protect its occupants cannot be overstated. This is especially important as cars become inherently smaller in order to increase fuel economy.

Car crash claims retired teacher's life

A retired elementary school teacher and baker who was well-known in her community recently lost her life in a motor vehicle accident. The Texas car crash occurred at around 8 a.m. on a Monday and has left the entire community in mourning. The woman who died in the two-car accident was 63 years old.


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