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Eclipse glasses subject to product recall prior to event

Certain events garner attention for Texans, people across the U.S. and all over the world. When these occurrences happen, there is often a need to purchase special equipment to take part and enjoy it. Those who do so are expecting that these products are manufactured properly, advertised accurately and work as they are supposed to. If they do not and it is a known risky activity or one with potential risks and injuries occur, it could be the basis for a products liability legal filing.

Plan to check for sleep apnea before truck accidents is canceled

The Texas roadways have trucks going back and forth on them all day, every day. These vehicles provide a key service by providing jobs and bringing products from one place to the other. Despite that, these vehicles also carry with them a certain amount of risk. Their size and speed can lead to serious injuries and fatalities for anyone who is unfortunate enough to be in a truck accident with them. Federal agencies are constantly seeking ways to make certain that operators are safe. One strategy the federal government had planned to check drivers for obstructive sleep apnea has been canceled.

Rear-end fatal car crash kills police officer, injures 2 others

Texas law enforcement officers are aware of the dangers they face when they are on the job. There are risks inherent with the work they do and they understand and accept that. However, there are times when they can be confronted with the same basic problems that all people face such as a fatal car crash when out on the road. Although it can be difficult, if there is a fatal accident, those who are dealing with the aftermath of the loss of a loved one should be cognizant of the steps to take to file a wrongful death legal filing.

Are charter buses safe?

If you play sports or enjoy traveling, at one time, you probably rode on a charter bus, also called a tour bus or motorcoach. They are big. They feel safe. But are they really?

Percentage of older Americans dying in workplace accidents grows

For many Texans, the decision to continue working even as they approach ages at which it is reasonable to retire or cut back on hours can be made for many reasons, personal and financial. However, workplace accidents can happen to anyone and research indicates that a growing number of older workers are suffering a fatal workplace accident when compared to the population at large. Those who have suffered the loss of a loved one in a fatal accident at work should be cognizant of these statistics as the cause of the fatal accident is determined.

How to share the road with semi-trucks

On May 9, a semi-truck collided with an SUV in Sweetwater, resulting in multiple injuries. According to a preliminary synopsis from the Texas Department of Public Safety, the driver of the tractor-trailer was switching lanes and did not notice the SUV in the other lane. This Sweetwater truck accident seriously injured two people and resulted in non-incapacitating injuries in four others, including two children.


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