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February 2016 Archives

DUI manslaughter charge follows fatal car accident in Houston

Many lives are lost on Texas roads in vehicles accidents caused by drunk drivers. In many drunk driving crashes, the intoxicated drivers walk away unscathed while the occupants of the other vehicles suffer serious injuries or death. A fatal car accident recently claimed the life of one driver and left another driver facing criminal charges.

Growing Concern for Gathering Pipelines in Texas

Are there gathering pipeline regulations? What is the risk for explosion with these pipes? What is the risk to area residents and workers? These are just some of the questions many have when hearing that gathering pipelines have increased by 33 percent in the past three years in Texas.

Fatal accident: Alleged DUI driver crashes into construction zone

A Texas road construction worker lost his life and another suffered life-threatening injuries after an incident in which an alleged drunk driver crashed into them. Police reported that the fatal accident occurred in Paris on a recent Tuesday morning in an area where a crew was working on the side of the roadway. Although the area of construction was marked, police say the driver disregarded the warnings and veered off the road and into the construction zone.

How often do motor vehicle accidents happen in Texas?

Driving is a part of our everyday lives. We get in the car to go to work, take the kids to school and go grocery shopping. Whether staying in the neighborhood or taking a road trip across the state of Texas, for most people, driving a car is just a routine part of their days.

Wrongful death: Law suit claims gas leak hastened mother's death

Gas companies nationwide, including in Texas, are responsible for the monitoring of gas wells to ensure detection of any leaks. A family in another state recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a gas company. They allege that a gas leak near their mother's residence hastened her death.

Detached trailer causes fatal accident on Interstate 20, kills 1

A trailer that became detached from a pickup truck apparently led to an accident that caused the death of a Texas woman on a recent Wednesday. Police say the fatal accident occurred on Interstate 20 in Mesquite. The accident is reportedly the first fatal crash in Mesquite this year.


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