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November 2015 Archives

Making it possible to establish liability in an aviation accident

They may appear to be nothing more than toys for adults, but drones pose a significant risk to aircraft operations according to the Federal Aviation Administration. The agency claims to receive 100 reports each month of drones being flown close enough to aircraft to cause a helicopter accident or even a fatal aviation accident.

What makes brain injuries so challenging to treat?

Traumatic brain injury symptoms include stretches of unconsciousness, amnesia or both; dulled cognitive abilities, like reduced attention span, weakness in limbs, impaired coordination and difficulty maintaining balance, damaged vision and hearing loss, and emotional disorders like anxiety, depression, aggressive impulses, and even personality changes.

Brain injury at Texas vacation property raises liability question

During the holidays, many families are planning trips around the country to meet with loved ones. For some families, it is more convenient to meet at a location that is central to them all, staying in a hotel or other vacation property. That convenience may come at a high cost

When can I sue a seller for product liability?

Product liability lawsuits have long been associated with causes of action against product manufacturers for items that are defectively designed or manufactured. This is understandable, for who would be in a better position to be aware of such defects and their foreseeable consequences to consumers than the manufacturer?


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