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September 2015 Archives

A dangerous product can injure even the most reasonable person

When it comes to how courts in Texas attribute fault based on negligence, the law refers to the allegorical “reasonable person” as the standard of whether the defendant can be held liable for your injury. Even though the reasonable person is an artificial construct and not an actual person, he or she will be a key part of building your case against the person you are filing suit against.

What are the leading causes of aviation accidents

From a legal point of view, the causes of aircraft accidents can lead to a wide-ranging examination of who was responsible. Sometimes this can be the pilot; other times the aircraft manufacturer may be at fault. Even poorly-designed or maintained airport facilities or bad decisions by ground personnel can contribute to an injury-causing or fatal aviation mishap. Each such incident requires a thorough investigation of the facts to ensure that all possible legal defendants is identified, and that is one of the key roles of a Texas law firm that practices in aviation accident law.

How does the statute of limitations affect my car accident claim?

The negligence laws in Texas give a car accident victim the right to sue a negligent driver for compensation. The amount that a person can recover depends upon the nature and extent of the injuries. Catastrophic injuries that result in medical expenses and lost wages would be compensated at higher rates than would an accident in which the person suffered only a minor personal injury.

Thanks to dashboard cam, police catch raging driver

A minor car accident with a major build-up was caught on camera recently, helping police identify the individual at fault and putting him in handcuffs. The accident was caused by a driver experiencing some road rage, as he attempted to cut off the other vehicle.


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