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Different ways that a products liability claim can arise

Most of the time when products liability cases make the news it is in the context of sensational stories of product recalls, injuries and even deaths. But in Texas the way that the products liability statute is written, there are several ways in which products liability can occur, some of which may not seem immediately apparent.

FAA regulations seek to reduce aviation accident risk

Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles were the subject of a posting last month in which we discussed their increased popularity amid concerns from pilots of conventional aircraft and government officials about the role they could play in causing an aviation accident. Since that posting, the Federal Aviation Administration has issued proposed regulations on their commercial use.

What damages may a Texas car accident victim recover?

There is no magic formula for judges and jurors to use when a Dallas car accident victim makes a claim for compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost wages. Each case is different, so the law leaves it up to jurors (or a judge, if a lawsuit is heard without a jury) to arrive at a fair amount based on the evidence presented at trial.

TxDOT data shows Texas leads nation in wrong-way car accidents

Common sense would dictate that any possible option to avoid or reduce a certain type of deadly highway accident would have a high priority on the desks of highway safety administrators. But in Texas, and specifically on North Texas roads, officials apparently need years of convincing to implement some measures even though the data indicates a high number of accidents related to the existing problem.

NFL brain injury settlement still under review by federal court

On the topic of brain injuries, few developments have garnered more attention recently than the concussion controversy in the National Football League. For almost a year and a half, courts have received filings from approximately 5,000 former football players alleging that to increase their profits league officials hid the dangers of concussions in the sport.

Dangerous children's toys present a holiday hazard

The Winter holiday season has become inextricably linked with gift-giving, especially with parents giving gifts of toys for their children. Given modern-day consumer product safety laws and modern manufacturing methods, it can be tempting to believe that hazardous children's toys are a thing of the past. This is, however, a dangerous temptation to adhere to.

How far does product liability of a seller stretch?

Defective products made or sold in Texas can cause injuries and even death. Product liability law is based on the assumption that those making and selling these products have a duty to protect the consumer. Generally, the product ought to meet the ordinary expectations of a person who uses it. When an unexpected defect or risk harms the consumer, then the law may require the manufacturer or seller of the product to compensate the consumer.


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