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January 2015 Archives

Delayed-effect injuries: how they can occur and what you can do

It is often the case that large things have small beginnings. This can be the case when you have been in what may at first seem to be a minor car accident with another vehicle. For instance, a low-speed, rear-end accident, caused when the driver behind you becomes distracted, may only cause a small scratch on your bumper. You get out of your car, spend a few minutes swapping insurance information with the other driver, and that's that. Or so it seems.

Can I file a product liability lawsuit for a pre-owned product?

It is common sense to say that a maker of a product, and in some cases the person or business that acts as the retailer between the maker and the consumer, is probably liable to whoever buys the product new. This liability can take the form of a warranty claim if the product has a warranty and is still within its warranty period, but, sometimes, even if the product does not have an express warranty, the law may place upon it an "implied" warranty, such as a warranty for fitness for the general purpose for which the item is to be used.

Issues of proof in common causes of car-truck accidents

The adage "time is money" is axiomatic in business, and one of the aspects in which it manifests itself most frequently is in the delivery process. These deliveries often involve commercial trucks that transport goods throughout the supply chain all the way from the manufacturer to the individual consumer.

Drones becoming the new frontier in aviation liability law

They go by different names: unmanned aerial vehicles and drones. Increasingly they are taking on all manner of shapes, from conventional airframes, to helicopters, to hybrids; between the two, with some hardly recognizable as aircraft. Once the province of the military and law enforcement, drones are increasingly making headway into commercial uses and even into the hands of private enthusiasts.


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