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October 2014 Archives

Motorists' products liability concerns may extend beyond vehicles

In many products liability actions involving motorists and their vehicles, some defect in the vehicle itself is the focus of the products liability suit. The ongoing General Motors investigation referenced in this blog in a previous post is a recent example of this phenomenon. But sometimes the defective product is not the automobile itself, but a part of the infrastructure that drivers must travel.

Brain injuries can require expensive, long-term rehabilitation

Any type of injury can cause anxiety for a patient and his or her loved ones. But certain types of injuries seem to cause even more concern. Brain injuries are one of those. Because the brain basically affects everything else that happens in the human body, an injury to that organ can be among the most serious that someone can suffer.

The role of FAA regulations as evidence in aviation accidents

It has been said that statistically speaking, commercial aviation is the safest way to travel. While this may be true, the fact remains that when an aircraft accident occurs, many times it leaves few if any witnesses alive to tell the story of what happened to cause the crash.

Authorities investigating medical helicopter crash

Paramedics sometimes risk their lives to save those of others, especially in an aviation accident. Their skill and speed are usually the difference between life and death for many people in critical condition. Because of this, they employ various means of transport in moving patients quickly to hospitals to get treatment that is more effective. Sometimes this means using aircraft to move sick or critically injured patients.


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