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September 2014 Archives

Long hours of fracking workers causing danger on Texas roads

It would be hard to deny the positive economic impact the fracking boom has had in Texas over the last several years, but progress is often accompanied by challenges. One of the challenges of the oil patch culture is the commuting worker, or more specifically, the dangers that accompany the long hours and long commutes required to keep their jobs in the booming industry.

What are some of the leading causes of aviation accidents?

The National Transportation Safety Board tracks the incidences of aviation accidents in the United States. Part of its responsibility is to determine the causes of these accidents. Analysis of the main causes of accidents can be helpful in identifying situations in which negligence may be a contributing factor.

Dallas brain injury victims can make effective claims

A serious accident can produce lasting effects which may be critical. A car crash or major fall can lead to brain damage which in turn may cause permanent disability such as amnesia or even a coma. Any head injury might require rehabilitation or long-term care and impact one’s ability to work and participate in regular daily activities.

Rear-end auto accident on I-30 in Texas kills one, injures others

Sometimes drivers on interstate freeways who are surprised by the sudden deceleration of the vehicle in front of them will seek to avoid a collision by using the shoulder of the highway as a bailout lane. But as a recent fatal accident in Texas has shown, this is not always a safe tactic to attempt.


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