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June 2014 Archives

Drowning in park raises liability issues for city near Mesquite

A tragedy happened recently near Mesquite, Texas, when a child drowned in a pond adjacent to a park. The father of the child momentarily turned his attention away from his daughter. She discovered a path that led to the pond, which is up to eight feet deep in places.

Decade-old Texas lawsuit may come back to haunt General Motors

The legal saga involving General Motors is something that this firm has already touched upon on our blog when it comes to possible liability claims for wrongful death in connection with allegedly defective vehicles that GM manufactured. The manufacturer has already admitted that more than a dozen deaths occurred as a result of those defects.

Woman killed in fatal car accident in Dallas

All drivers in Texas have a legal duty to do everything possible to operate their vehicles safely on the road. This means, among other responsibilities, maintaining attention to the traffic conditions ahead, and reacting accordingly. Unfortunately, serious rear-end accidents are often caused by a driver's failure to maintain such attention.

Fatality numbers may rise as GM revises defective product data

Some might say that the news for General Motors just keeps getting worse. But in reality those getting the bad news are consumers who purchased GM vehicles with an automobile design defect. The defect, in the form of a faulty ignition, has reportedly led to the deaths of 13 people. 


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