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March 2014 Archives

Texas car crash claims the life of third victim

Various musicians gathered for a popular music festival recently in Texas. Expecting fun and entertainment, many people congregated in the closed off streets to watch the performers. An otherwise pleasant evening quickly came to an end after an allegedly drunk driver caused a car crash that claimed the life of multiple victims and injured several others.

Dallas man suffered head injury; awarded settlement

A Dallas man, whose career frequently involved setting up sound equipment, was seriously injured when accumulated snow and ice was dislodged from the roof of a football stadium where he was working at the time. The impact left him with a fractured skull. The head injury led to the man suffering hearing loss that a specialist described as being permanent. Now, three years after the accident, the man and his legal representatives have worked out a settlement with the parties that were deemed responsible.

Texas school spreads education about texting car accident dangers

Texting and driving are obviously a dangerous combination when done together. Many things can happen in the blink of an eye if a driver gets distracted while trying to send a text. Not only can an accident occur, but if any injuries come from that accident, lawsuits can be filed against the driver responsible for causing injuries or even death. Texting and driving is a growing epidemic across the country, and one Texas school recently tried to illustrate this fact by staging a mock deadly car accident that was caused by texting and driving.

Texas parents may encounter battery explosions in toddler toy

Batteries can be extremely dangerous when exposed to heat. Melting plastic in certain products is also dangerous because the fumes that come out of the plastic as it melts can be potentially poisonous. The combination of these two problems can result in serious injuries. Battery explosions may currently be a concern for Texas parents after claims that a popular toddler toy has a major defect.


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