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November 2013 Archives

Texas inmate families file for wrongful death in tragic deaths

Prison inmates may be incarcerated because of a crime they committed, but that does not mean that they deserve to be treated as if they were not human. The state of Texas houses over 150,000 inmates each year during the hottest of the state's summer heat. When nothing is done to prevent an inmate's safety and a wrongful death occurs, actions may be taken against the facility by the family.

Texas truck accident causes injuries to both drivers

When a motorist is involved in an accident with a semi-truck, it is often a dangerous and sometimes deadly event. An early morning collision occurred on a Texas highway, involving a semi-truck and a sedan. The truck accident caused injuries and blocked the roadway for an unspecified amount of time.

Texas woman sues allegedly negligent parties in son's death

Everyone knows that accidents happen. However, some accidents result in a death that may never have occurred if not for the negligence of someone else. Texas law provides for the surviving family of such a victim to file a wrongful death claim against the apparently negligent parties for the chance to recover financial damages sustained as a result of their family member's death.

Texas mother files wrongful death claim on behalf of her son

Children can be the most fun and outgoing of people, being carefree and just enjoying life without a care in the world. So it is understandable that if a child is taken from the world, the parents may be overwhelmed with grief and sadness. Unfortunately, this is the case in the recent death of a local Texas toddler whose mother is now filing a wrongful death claim on behalf of her son.


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