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Possible wrongful death case in Texas

Sometimes, people make poor decisions while driving. Things such as reckless driving and not paying attention to the road conditions can result in automobile accidents that leave passengers with severe injuries and even death. A recent accident in Texas unfortunately led to the possible wrongful death of a young woman.

Triathlon statistics and brain injury; Texas residents concerned

People train extremely hard for triathlons. These races require both stamina and endurance from the participants. Even for the most experienced and most trained athletes may run into problems on the course though. Recently it was reported that in the past seven years, the swimming section of triathlons has led to serious injuries, including brain injury and death. Texas residents may find the statistics of these incidents somewhat concerning.

Negligent parties may be held accountable for Texas death

Death is not something that is dealt with easily for most. Even more painful is when the death of a family member or friend is untimely and at the hands of negligent parties. An allegedly intoxicated driver recently caused an accident in Texas, in which a woman was tragically killed while she was a passenger in a police car.

Deaths result from Texas automobile accidents

If someone is killed in a Texas car accident, his or her family members are flooded with emotions ranging from disbelief to grief. They can also be angry if the cause of the accident remains a mystery and seems to be senseless. In such automobile accidents, the family of the individual who was killed can rightfully pursue monetary damages in an effort to ease pain and suffering; this can be done even if the person who caused the crash died in the accident.

Texas near drowning causes teenager severe brain injury

Drowning can occur in a very small amount of water in the right circumstances, so a pool full of water can understandably become a dangerous place to be. Even if life is not lost, serious brain injuries can occur from being under water too long without oxygen. A lawsuit was recently filed against three Dallas Cowboys players and one former player of the team, among others, for the brain injury a boy sustained while at a university football camp that they endorsed at a local North Texas university.


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