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July 2013 Archives

Texas family could seek wrongful death in accident

When people are traveling on the roads in Texas, hardly anyone gives a thought that it could be the last thing that they do. One family though, may decide to seek a wrongful death suit against a driver that may have been responsible in the death of their loved one. A late night drive for two men has ended in the death of one and a hospital stay for another.

Texas man with burn injury wants employer to pay

People who hold industrial jobs are often exposed to potentially hazardous conditions and, therefore, the businesses and supervisors who employ them are held to a high standard of safety. One Texas man who has suffered a horrendous burn injury is seeking to hold his employer and manager responsible. He has filed a civil suit to demand payment of his medical bills and other compensation.

Early car crash in Texas send 1 to hospital

The early morning hours can be a pleasant time to travel because the amount of traffic is often lighter. However, as two drivers in Texas recently discovered, the early morning hours can lead to a serious car crash the same as times of heavier traffic congestion. The accident involved a semi truck and a van as well as potential driver fatigue.

Wrongful death could be filed against Texas man

The adage that with age comes experience and the ability to make better decisions is seldom wrong. However a wrongful death that was a result of an accident 11 years ago, and alleged rash decisions in the past few months may be about to change one Texas man's life. The man has been charged with a DWI while still on probation from the crash that he is alleged to have caused several years ago.

Texas car accident: SUV driven by boy, 14, hits mom, young child

The early reports of a pedestrian accident in Corpus Christi appear to raise a number of legal issues. Texas authorities initially reported that an SUV struck a woman and her child, said to be just a 4-year-old. The frightening pedestrian versus car accident apparently occurred in a parking lot of a convenience store.


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