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Aspects of a successful wrongful death suit in Texas

When an individual is killed due to choices made by another, the family who is left behind often considers their rights to legal recourse. In some Texas car accident cases, the incident leads to criminal charges, and the resulting punitive measures are sufficient to leave the family feeling as if justice has been meted out appropriately. In other cases, however, the responsible party receives little to no criminal consequence for their actions, and loved ones are left shocked. In those instances, many pursue a wrongful death suit in order to find a solution.

New advances for those with spinal cord damage

Texas residents with spinal cord injuries and their families are likely aware of a very exciting development in the field of brain-computer technology. After years of research and technological advancement, a man with severe and debilitating spinal cord damage was able to move a robotic arm with nothing more than his thoughts. Well, his thoughts and a small brain implant connected to the device that was operated.

Brain injury case leads to sizeable settlement

When an individual sustains a significant brain injury at the hands of medical professionals, life takes a sharp detour off of its 'normal' trajectory. When the brain injury is sustained by a child, an entire family is often thrown off-kilter, and left scrambling to determine the best course of action. In the blink of an eye, Texas parents are left to make a series of difficult medical decisions, all in the midst of numbing fear over the well-being of their child.

Family of woman killed crash may have wrongful death claim

When a family receives news of the loss of a loved one, a process begins by which each family member attempts to come to terms with the loss in his or her own way. For some, intense sadness is the immediate response. Others go into a kind of shock and need time to process the sudden change and move past the disbelief that their loved one is lost forever. One Texas family was recently thrust into this position following a fatal car wreck, which may eventually lead to a wrongful death claim against the driver responsible for the crash.


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