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Texas car crash injures 8, leads to drunk driving arrest

When an individual is injured in a car accident, the result is an immediate and unexpected shift in that person's life. At one end of the scale sits relatively minor incidents in which a small degree of property damage and minor injuries are sustained due to a car crash. In other cases, serious injuries occur, leaving Texas victims unable to function at previous levels and throwing their families into emotional and financial turmoil.

Burn injury to three Texas family members after package explodes

A Texas family discovered a package had been left outside their home recently, and when they took it inside to open it, an explosion went off. All three family members present sustained a serious burn injury in the explosion. Investigators do not know if the family had received threats prior to this incident.

Wrongful death suit possible following fatal accident in Texas

When a loved one dies in a sudden and unexpected event, the lives of the surviving family members are forever altered. The initial shock and grief are tremendous, and can take many months to overcome. However, there are a number of other ramifications that also affect loved ones, and can require a different kind of adjustment. A recent car crash involving an impaired driver has left one family grieving their loss, and could eventually lead to a wrongful death suit against the driver.

Driver in car crash was using multiple drugs before accident

When a Texas car accident results in injuries, the victims have the ability to pursue justice in the form of a personal injury lawsuit against the driver responsible for the crash. A successful personal injury suit, however, requires proof of negligence on the part of the driver. This is easier to prove in some car crash cases than in others. However, there are some incidents that are so clear cut that success in court seems a given.

Long term care needs for brain injury patients critical

When a person is subjected to a brain injury, there is a potential need for intensive and long term care. While it is not always possible to obtain an accurate prognosis for recovery in regard to brain injuries, the needs of these types of patients differ from other forms of bodily injury. A recently released report indicates that many who face a severe brain injury will end up in long term care facilities in Texas and elsewhere, and that these arrangements are not always optimal for the patient.


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