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October 2012 Archives

24 dead in meningitis outbreak, wrongful death suits expected

The American health care system is among the best in the world. This has led many Texas patients to believe that the care that they receive will be professional, safe and effective. The recent outbreak of deadly fungal meningitis has undermined the trust that patients place in our health care system, and recent investigations into the source of the contamination suggest that just one lapse in maintaining proper standards can bring a tragic outcome to people across the nation. At the time of this report, 24 patients have died in connection to the outbreak, and the likelihood of wrongful death suits seems overwhelming.

Birth goes terribly wrong, leads to wrongful death lawsuit

No Texas parent is adequately equipped to lose a child. The death of an infant before or during birth is especially difficult for many parents to handle, as it represents an abrupt change in the circumstances of parents who were anticipating a new arrival into their family. Such deaths happen suddenly and give family members no time to prepare. One couple lost their baby boy last year during a delivery procedure that can only be described as tragic, and have now filed a wrongful death and medical malpractice suit against the doctors and medical facilities they believe are responsible for his death.

Texas motorcycle accidents: Truck rears ends, kills biker

All drivers know that there are ever-present hazards on the American roadways. Most take continuous precautions to ensure that they are operating their vehicles in as safe a manner as possible. Many also take care to drive defensively to lessen the chances of an accident caused by the actions of other drivers. However, drivers of enclosed vehicles experience a different level of risk than motorcyclists. Riders involved in Texas motorcycle accidents face far greater odds of being severely injured or killed in crashes than the drivers of cars or trucks.

Family of girl killed at bus stop could file wrongful death suit

Any accident in which there is a loss of life is a tragic event, especially for the friends and family of the deceased. However, some accidents are especially hard to come to terms with. When a child is lost in a tragic accident, the shock waves are often felt throughout a community. The recent death of 11-year-old Texas girl has her community pulling together to support her family. While no criminal or civil action has taken place as of yet, many may feel that a wrongful death suit is on the horizon.


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