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Texas family sues driver and nightclub for wrongful death

When celebrating at a drinking establishment, people should take care to drink responsibly. If they do become intoxicated, they need to find a taxi or other means home, since driving drunk can result in serious injury or even a loss of life. In such event, the offending driver may be confronted with a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Unfortunately, this is what happened to a customer at a nightclub in Texas, who is alleged to have become intoxicated. When the man drove him, he was involved in an accident that killed one man and injured four others.

Texas car accident kills child

An early afternoon car accident has taken the life of one child and sent four others to the hospital. According to Texas police, the automobile accident occurred around 3:45 p.m. Police have stated that at that time, a minivan, which was attempting to pass through Highway 46, was struck on the side by another vehicle.

Pedestrian accident ends the life of Texas man crossing the road

In confrontations between vehicles and pedestrians, there is little debate about which party will come out ahead. American roadways are inherently dangerous to drivers and passengers, but the risk of accidents involving vehicles is never more pronounced than in a pedestrian accident. A terrible incident in May is illustrative of the hazards that can come with walking on Texas roadways.

Texas Supreme Court may be last stop for brain injury victim

When an individual is involved in an incident that results in significant brain injury and wishes to pursue legal recourse against the responsible party or parties, a well-planned and executed legal strategy is necessary. Brain injury victims usually require significant medical attention immediately following the incident, and often need lifelong care as a result of limited functioning that accompanies such injuries. Because the stakes are so high, the litigation involved in these cases must be as comprehensive as possible to avoid the potential for future appeals.

Fatal car accident might prompt Texas lawsuit

A 17-year police veteran was killed recently in an automobile accident during the early morning hours. According to Texas police, the accident occurred around 12:30 a.m. when the officer was responding to a call. Police have alleged that an SUV slammed into the passenger side of the police cruiser as the cruiser was in the process of making a left turn. It is suspected that the driver of the SUV was under the influence of alcohol, giving rise to potential criminal charges and a possible wrongful death action being filed against him.


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