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July 2012 Archives

Texas car accident leaves 1 dead, 2 injured

Driving has become such an integral part of American life that it is easy to forget the dangers inherent in our favored mode of travel. Yet no matter how complacent we have become, it is imperative for Texas drivers to remember just how quickly a normal drive can turn into a terrible car accident. A recent crash reminds us of the dangers of road travel.

Arrest made in fatal Texas crash; wrongful death suit may follow

Like baseball -- the Great American Pastime -- automobile travel has become a deeply ingrained part of American culture. It is not only our primary source of transportation, but also serves as a symbol of independence and a rite of passage among adolescents. However, there is no denying that driving can be extremely dangerous. A recent three-vehicle crash serves as a reminder of the hazards of road travel, and it isn't difficult to imagine that a wrongful death lawsuit could be filed against the driver believed to be responsible for the Texas crash.

2 fatal wrong-way collisions in 48 hours on Texas interstate

Recently, one stretch of interstate in Texas saw two fatal wrong-way crashes within a 48-hour period. A state trooper with over 10 years of experience told reporters that he has never seen two fatal wrong-way accidents in such a short period of time. He went on to say that any wrong-way crash is tragic because this type of accident is preventable, given the clear presence of road signs.

Texas motorcycle accident caused by jaywalkers?

A collision occurred on May 27 in Corpus Christi that may take authorities a little time to work out. The accident underscores the importance of observing the rules of the road in Texas. In this case, a motorcycle accident may or may not have been avoidable, depending on who you ask.


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